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Large Audience of Locals and Foreign Visitors Attends the Kuwait Air Force Display at Towers

In front of the Kuwait Towers on Monday afternoon, the Ministry of Defense hosted an air show by the Kuwait Air Force in honor of the national holidays. A big number of locals and visitors were there. All of the Kuwaiti army’s troops participated in an exhibition to educate the public about the roles and responsibilities of the armed forces. In a related development, the Ministry of Defense’s official spokesman, Colonel Hamad Jassim Al-Saqr, announced that the air show will feature Caracal aircraft from the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Interior in addition to Eurofighter and F-18 aircraft.

The Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Sheikh Mishaal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, is the shrine of this excellent country. We express our warmest congratulations and blessings to the shrine and people of this wonderful country, Colonel Al-Saqr stated in a news release. We honor the sacrifices made by our brave warriors during the invasion, particularly those who served in the military forces and offered the best illustrations of selflessness, sacrifice, and homeland defense. Military officers from different Kuwaiti army units visited the Ministry of Defense-affiliated show, according to Colonel Al-Saqr. At the exhibition, a variety of military tools, equipment, and capabilities were on show, along with information on each tool and weapon and the duties performed by the armed forces. He emphasized how many locals and citizens attended the Ministry of Defense’s exhibition, which took place on February 25 and 26 in front of the Kuwait Towers. Colonel Al-Saqr prayed that the All-Powerful Allah would keep shielding Kuwait, its Amir, and its citizens from all harm and evil.

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