Modification to a Circular about Ramadan Schedules

An administrative circular was released by Maha Al-Asousi, the acting undersecretary of the Ministry of Electricity, Water, and Renewable Energy, to revise administrative circular No. 5/2024, which fixed official work hours for the month of Ramadan for the Hijri year 1445. Administrative Circular No. 5/2024 is to be revoked from the date of issuance and treated as if it never happened, according to the circular.

It made it clear that the ministry will have flexible working hours during Ramadan, with official working hours falling from Sunday to Thursday. Workers may arrive at work at any time between 8:30 and 10:30, but they are only permitted to leave after working for four and a half hours. This does not affect the 15-minute grace period that is allotted for female employees at the conclusion of the shift, nor the 15-minute grace period that is offered at the start or end of the shift. During the month of Ramadan, all exemptions provided to employees shall be suspended. According to the circular, shift workers in technical or administrative roles will carry on as usual, and all employees are regarded as being in a state of emergency and always available.

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