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Make a Call to Find Those Causing Trouble

According to Al-Anba newspaper, Hawally Governor and interim Capital Governor Ali Al-Asfar has emphasized the necessity of coordinated security measures to safeguard the populace and avert any adverse incident in the governorates. Al-Asfar made the remarks while on a visit to the Capital Governorate Security Directorate building. Brigadier General Khaled Bonashi, the directorate’s director, gave him a cordial greeting in front of a number of security personnel. The governor went over the security plans for February’s national holidays.

The governor also stressed the need of upholding the law against anyone who jeopardizes national security and stability and of refusing to back down from those who attempt to intimidate local residents and foreigners living in the governorate. He begged Allah Almighty to instill stability and serenity in the hearts of both locals and foreigners, and he conveyed his gratitude and admiration for the Interior Ministry staff’s hard work and dedication.


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