Thirty Appointments are Facilitated every Hour using Kuwait’s “Meta” Platform

About thirty people can schedule meetings with residency affairs departments in Kuwait’s six governorates each hour thanks to the “Meta” website.

Residency affairs departments in the governorates of Al-Jahra and Mubarak Al-Kabeer had a moderate number of visitors, while departments in Hawalli and Farwaniya saw a greater number.

Al-Anbaa conducted interviews with expatriates who stated that they would like family visits to last up to three months. They emphasized the financial burden of housing relatives for a month, especially when it comes to paying for lodging and transportation.

A security source reassured foreigners that visitation regulations would not change in response to their worries. The administration wants to boost business activity in the nation while making sure that vital services, like healthcare, aren’t overworked.

Logistical concerns were also brought up by expatriates, especially for families living in nations that the national airline does not directly service. They suggested an alternative in which entry permits would only be given in exchange for travel tickets issued by the national airline, even in cases when passengers had to pass via an airline-served nation.


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