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Make Emergency “Corridors” on Major Thoroughfares a Priority

Through collaboration between the municipality and the pertinent departments in the Ministry of Interior, the Public Authority for Roads and Transportation, and the Ministry of Health, Alia Al Farsi, a member of the Municipal Council, submitted a proposal regarding the creation of an emergency lane on the main roads (the Emergency Corridor System) in accordance with international standards and specifications. Al-Farsi proposed three things. The first is designating a lane for the emergency logo to be posted on major thoroughfares.

Second, when an ambulance siren is heard, cars in the left lane will move to the far left and those in the right lane to the far right, forming the emergency corridor in the middle of the road if there are two lanes going in the same direction.

Third, upon hearing the ambulance siren, all vehicles in the right lane must immediately move to the right, and all vehicles in the far left lane must instantly move to the left if the road has three or more lanes going in the same direction. She emphasized that drivers must be made aware of the approach taken by this system. Article 21 of law No. 33/2016, which pertains to the authority of the municipality and municipal council to decide on projects and their urban locations, as well as to beautify and expand cities, villages, suburbs, regions, islands, roads, streets, and squares, was mentioned by Al-Farsi in the preamble of her proposal. She stressed how difficult it is for ambulances to arrive on time because there isn’t an emergency lane on major roads reserved for them, and because there isn’t a culture that controls traffic during emergencies so that ambulances can pass as soon as possible to save patients. She emphasized how crucial it is for the municipality to approve projects and other street and square extensions in accordance with law No. 33/2016 in order to protect people’s lives.

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