Make Haste to Complete your Biometrics

Feb. 29: The Ministry of Interior has scheduled a three-month period to begin gathering biometric fingerprints from all citizens and inhabitants today. According to Al-rai daily, those who don’t comply within this time frame risk having their ministry transactions, such renewing residency permits, car registrations, and driver’s licenses, blocked. Security sources claim that June 1st is the deadline.

Sixty-seven thousand people, mostly locals, have not yet had their fingerprints taken. The General Department of Criminal Evidence has tracked around 1.78 million citizens and residents who have had their fingerprints taken at several land, air, and sea border crossings as well as designated centers since the biometric fingerprint initiative was started last year.

Roughly 900,000 of the total fingerprinted people are citizens, and about 880,000 are residents. Nonetheless, the obligation for fingerprinting is waived for around 1.1 million people who are younger than 18 years old. Those who have not yet had their fingerprints biometrically taken must make an appointment on the Ministry of Interior website to visit one of the approved locations, which are usually found at the Public Security Directorates of each governorate for citizens. In the governorates of Jahra and Ahmadi, residents are permitted to visit designated areas. Furthermore, fingerprinting can be finished utilizing equipment located at seaports, airports, and land transportation hubs after returning after a trip. Transactions with the Ministry of Interior will be suspended if compliance is not achieved by the June 1 deadline.

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