Mild During the Day and Chilly at Night

According to the Weather Administration Department, the nation is experiencing steady weather due to air pressure stretching from the northwest; as a result, daytime temperatures are moderate and nighttime lows are low, particularly in desert regions, according to Al-Qabas daily. Yasser Al-Balushi, the department’s head of the Marine Forecasts Unit, revealed that the winds are light to moderate, ranging from eight to 32 kilometers per hour, and that they are northwesterly to changeable.

The sea state will be mild to moderate with waves between two and four feet, and the maximum temperature is predicted to be between 23 and 25 degrees Celsius. He mentioned that the nighttime temperatures will be low and that the northwest winds will vary in strength, ranging from eight to thirty-five kilometers per hour. He stated that there will be sporadic clouds, a minimum temperature of eight to twelve degrees Celsius, light to moderate seas, and waves between two and five feet.


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