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Ministry Checks Certificates More to Stop Fake Ones

After the Ministry of Education said last week that they’re still testing the ‘Education’ program, they’ve started checking certificates of their staff since 2000. This has worried both Kuwaitis and foreigners working in education.

According to Al-Seyassah, the Ministry is making a list of all its employees, which is around 140,000 people in different jobs. They’re asking employees to send scanned copies of their academic documents certified by the country where they got them for the Ministry of Higher Education to check. The Ministry is already checking this information, including names, ID numbers, workplaces, degrees, and graduation years. They’re doing this because the Civil Service Commission wants all ministries to give detailed data to stop certificate forgery. Faking certificates is against the law and can lead to at least five years in jail, big fines, and public shaming, with the crime on their record for up to 10 years, making it hard to get a job.

In other news from the education sector, Anwar Al-Hamdan, the Acting Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education, has made changes in some departments and regions to improve how things work and use resources better.

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