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Ministry of Public Works Launches Bid Process to Fight Sand Theft

Plans to counteract the “theft” of sand—also known as “savage” sand—by recycling it for long-term financial and environmental benefits have been revealed by Ministry of Public Works sources. In order to carry out this plan, the ministry is getting ready to start the bidding process, which entails reviewing the costs and amounts of sand removal as well as examining previous sand contracts (Safi). The government has also created a number of measures to deal with the road problems in the northern and southern regions that were mentioned in earlier bids. However, because of the enormous costs involved, these solutions were delayed.

These included building open channels parallel to roadways to collect sand during windy circumstances, reinforcing high dunes, raising road levels, and erecting metal barriers to prevent sand encroachment. The ministry is dedicated to incorporating anti-sand intrusion strategies into ongoing projects, including the construction of the Abdali Expressway and new road initiatives. To develop a comprehensive document on minimizing and countering sand theft in Kuwait, a committee consisting of representatives from the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences and the government was also formed. In order to exchange the necessary information, this project entails reviewing, making observations, and working with pertinent institutions.


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