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Respect the Rules, Attendees Cautioned

Al-Jarida Daily says that the Ministry of Interior has warned both citizens and foreign nationals to rigorously abide by the rules and instructions for the approaching national holidays, threatening legal action for any infraction. The ministry’s Public Relations and Security Media General Department verified in a press release that all security and traffic arrangements for the national holidays had been completed. It was mentioned that this is in accordance with the orders of Sheikh Fahad Yusuf Al-Sabah, the acting interior minister, minister of defense, and deputy prime minister. Lieutenant General Sheikh Salem Al-Nawaf, the ministry’s undersecretary, is keeping a careful eye on how these orders are being carried out.

The Public Relations and Security Media General Department will oversee and carry out the increased security and traffic awareness efforts, the ministry reports, working with a range of print, broadcast, and digital media outlets.

It said that the senior ministerial leadership emphasized striking a balance between maintaining civility when interacting with the celebrants and using firmness when dealing with infractions and inappropriate behavior. It underlined how important it is for everyone to follow the rules and directives regarding the national celebrations. These include protecting the State of Kuwait flag both during and after the event, upholding public decency and order, and abstaining from throwing trash, water balloons, or foam at other people because doing so is illegal. It also emphasized how crucial it is to follow traffic regulations and security personnel’s instructions, pay attention when driving, avoid speeding, and keep a close eye on kids in order to ensure everyone’s safety. It further stated that security, traffic, and other relevant reports are sent to emergency number 112 continuously.

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