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No publishing of prohibited material

Assistant Undersecretary of the Press, Publishing and Publications Sector at the Ministry of Information Lafi Al-Subaie has warned that the publication of prohibited content will be dealt with firmly by the applicable laws and regulations, stressing the laws are applied on everyone. In a statement to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) recently, Al-Subaie asserted that media outlets should not publish, broadcast, replay, send or transfer prohibited contents as stipulated in the media laws of Kuwait. He said the ministry is closely monitoring news and media materials, and all those proven to have committed violations are referred to the competent authorities.

He explained that the Electronic Media Law is applied only on social media accounts characterized by professionalism; while other concerned entities deal with personal accounts as per the relevant laws. He called on the officials of various media outlets to ensure accuracy in conveying any news in their publications and platforms, work towards meaningful media content, depict the honorable image of the country, and cooperate in everything that contributes to developing media work and addressing the negative aspects.

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