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A Nod to Grilling Outdoors on Beaches

A decision was made yesterday by Kuwait Municipality Director General Saud Al-Dabbous to control the areas that are designated for barbecues within public spaces, squares, buildings, waterfronts, and public lands. The first article of the decision states that barbecues are permitted on the beaches under the control of the Tourism Enterprises Company (TEC) from November 1 to March 31 of each year from noon to 4:00 pm. These beaches are located behind Meghana Restaurant in Service Center

2, behind Burger King and Pizza Hut restaurants.

3, as well as the Service Center’s Villa Fayrouz Restaurant.

4. Members are only permitted to grill at Egaila Beach and Al-Khairan Park during the hours specified by TEC. Any Kuwaiti islands and beaches under municipality control are off-limits to barbecues. These include Mahboula Beach No. 10, Abu Al Hasaniya Beach No. 5 in Abu Al Hasaniya Block 11, Fintas Beach No. 8, Salwa Block 12’s Anjafa Beach No. 17, Shuwaikh Beach, which runs from Seif Palace to the oil complex, and Fintas Beach No. 8. The ruling outlined eight guidelines for grilling in areas that are allowed, and they are as follows:

1. Eco-friendly products must be utilized when barbecuing.
2. Only approved tiled areas should be used for barbecuing; avoid using sand or other green space.
3. The stove needs to be raised from the ground by at least one meter.

4. To that end, notices should be erected at the beaches’ entrances, exits, and within, along with a warning outside those allocated areas.
5. Beachgoers should be required to make sure that any trash and things that promote combustion are put out of their hands and moved to a specially marked, high-quality receptacle supplied by TEC.

6. To prevent any situations that arise accidentally or by mistake, a specialized truck should be assigned to remove charcoal and BBQ garbage without mixing it with any other waste or trash.
7. Beachgoers should promise not to damage or deface public property.
8. The environmental police and the municipality will assemble a special team to conduct inspections and follow up on beach cleaning.

Article 4 of the decision mandated that all parties whose supervision the decision-authorized barbecue sites are located under set requirements, make informative maps and signs, identify the designated area for barbecue at each site individually, and indicate the hours that barbecuing is allowed. The authorities in charge of the locations will work with the municipality to organize public awareness campaigns across a variety of media platforms for the benefit of the general public and local inhabitants. The environmental protection law No. 42/2014 and its amendments should be adhered to by the authorities in charge of the designated barbecue sites.

The decision’s Article 7 emphasized that the judicial police status holders working for the municipality are in charge of enforcing the decree legislation No. 9/1987’s requirements, which ban certain behaviors that endanger plants and public cleanliness. Ministerial resolution No. 354/2023 on public hygiene and municipal waste management rules mandates that infractions be prosecuted and that the appropriate reports be sent to the appropriate authorities. The decision’s Article 8 emphasizes the municipality’s authority to modify the restrictions and locations where grilling is permitted in order to further the general welfare.

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