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Optimism and anti-corruption initiatives are shaping the tone of the election dynamics

On Thursday, thirty-two citizens, including one woman, submitted their candidacy for the parliamentary election scheduled for April 4, 2024. This brings the total number of candidates to 134, comprising 130 men and four women, as the registration period entered its fourth day out of ten.

Here is the breakdown of candidates by constituency for those who registered on Thursday:

First Constituency: Five men (Ahmad Khalifa Al-Shohoumi, Khalid Marzouq Al-Omaira, Adel Jassim Al-Damkhi, Abdullah Al-Khabbaz, and Ali Falah Al-Sabri).
Second Constituency: Eight men (Ahmad Mohammad Al-Ajmi, Jaber Ali Al-Houli, Hamad Humoud Al-Shimmari, Talal Abdulrahman Al-Mehteb, Abdullah Turki Al-Anboui, Falah LafiAl-Mutairi, Mohammad Humoud Al-Harbi, and Hazza Faisal Al-Mutairi).
Third Constituency: Five men and one woman (Alaa Shakir Faras, Hamad Adel Al-Obaid, Khalifa Khalil Al-Tamimi, Saeed Mohammad Tawfiqi, Mohammad Salem Al-Juwaihil, and Mohalhal Khaled Al-Mudhaf).
Fourth Constituency: Four men (Thamer Saad Al-Dhafeeri, Shuaib Shabab Al-Mowaizri, Abdulrahman Abdulhadi Al-Hajri, and Abdullah Salem Al-Shimmari).
Fifth Constituency: Nine men (Badi Husayan Al-Dousari, Bader Fadhel Karam, Hassan Mahmoud Ashkanani, Salem Hussein Al-Ajmi, Saud Batel Al-Ajmi, Abdullah Salem Al-Hajri, Abdullah Abbas Al-Tattan, Abdullah Ali Al-Sanad, and Fahad Falah Al-Azmi).

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