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Owners of Kuwaiti car Dealerships Found Guilty of Fraud, Embezzlement, and Money Laundering

The Criminal Court concluded the case involving two Kuwaiti nationals who operated a “luxury car office” and were sentenced to ten years in jail each for fraud, embezzlement, and money laundering. The first and second accused were had to pay KD 16 million as a result. The corporation was ordered by the court to pay KD 17 million as a third defendant, and its assets, income, and finances both inside and outside Kuwait were to be seized. Additionally, it mandated that the civil action be forwarded to the appropriate civil court. As the legal representative for several victims, attorney Abdul Mohsen Al-Qattam emphasized that the Public Prosecution brought the defendants to trial with complementary evidence and that the court does not take into account their denials, particularly in light of the lack of evidence to bolster their claim that they did not commit the crime.

He emphasized that the defendants must face the harshest punishments allowed by the law for their actions, which injured the victims and interfered with business dealings. Only then will the owners’ rights be restored, and the goodwill, reputation, and confidence of those doing business with them will return to this region. Attorney Al-Qattan clarified that the defendants are facing charges of embezzlement, fraud, and large-scale money laundering after over 500 individuals from Kuwait and abroad accused them of deceiving them by supplying different cars and using the money they got from the fraud crime to fund other financial ventures. Once he convinced them that they could buy luxury cars from the agencies for less money and have them shipped and delivered, they transferred the money they had amassed from the victims—an estimated 17 million KD and 1.5 million Qatari riyals—to conceal their illicit source. The people and a general trading and contracting firm were charged by the Public Prosecution with misleading others about their ability to purchase and import cars from overseas at competitive prices that were less than their actual value and to deliver them in a record amount of time.

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