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Prohibited Drugs and Supplements Discovered at Grocery Store

Inspectors from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry’s Commercial Control Department recently closed a warehouse in Hawalli as a result of their decisive action. Alarming results from the examination included the discovery of substantial amounts of beef, chicken, and food products without the appropriate labeling of their source, place of origin, or trademarks. Additionally, these products were kept in unhygienic settings for storage.

Sources close to the situation claim that during the last-minute examination, inspectors discovered almost 2,000 packages and strips containing various health-related medications, which further increased the surprise. Nutritional supplements and medicinal drugs were included in the inventory. It was shocking to discover that these pills were not only labeled as scheduled meds but also kept in unsanitary storage. Because of their categorization, they can only be used under medical supervision and with a prescription.

Subsequent inquiries carried out by the Commerce inspectors disclosed that the warehouse officials were directly delivering orders to customers by means of internet platforms, distributing their products, including food and medication.

Authorities moved quickly to shut down the store and compile a report outlining all of the infractions that were found during the inspection. The report will function as the foundation for launching the required legal actions against the establishment.

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