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Proposed Ban on Foreigners Owning more than Two Vehicles

A proposal to limit the quantity of automobiles that foreign nationals are permitted to possess and register in their names is being considered by the interior ministry’s traffic department. Combating unlicensed trading, lowering pollution, easing traffic congestion, and addressing the lack of parking spots for residents at shopping centers, marketplaces, and other public areas are the objectives.

A order that forbids foreign nationals from registering more than two cars under their names for personal use is part of the proposed legislation. Should a foreign national want more than this allotted quantity, they must apply and justify their case to the traffic department. In the event that authorization is given, any vehicle that exceeds the limit will be subject to fees and must pass a technical inspection.

The request is made in the midst of the numerous foreign-owned, run-down cars that are a common sight on Kuwaiti streets and are a major cause of traffic jams, confusion, and accidents. Furthermore, a large number of these cars are parked in areas intended for public use, such as parking lots for business buildings, schools, and mosques. Municipalities have acknowledged their dedication in this regard, but their efforts to abolish this worrisome issue have proven inadequate.

The plan attempts to address the drawbacks of unofficially and illegally converting parking lots and public areas into unlicensed marketplaces for the purchase, sale, and leasing of automobiles. This practice compromises the minimal requirements for the safety and security of cars and is in violation of official rules and regulations controlling both public appearances and commercial activity.

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