28,000 Moving Violations in a Single Week

During traffic operations last week, General Traffic Department officers issued 28,000 traffic violations, confiscated 78 vehicles, and found 40 vehicles that were wanted. Nine minors were found operating a car without a driver’s license, while 31 irresponsible drivers were detained and reported to traffic police, according to weekly figures released by the General Traffic Department. Two people in possession of narcotic narcotics, 14 individuals lacking identity documents, 14 individuals wanted in civil and criminal cases, and one individual with an abnormal condition were also taken into custody. Legal action was taken against them when needed.

Meanwhile, workshops, garages, and craft stores in Al-Rai, the Capital Governorate, were the focus of a traffic and inspection campaign conducted by the General Traffic Department (GTD), in collaboration with Kuwait Municipality, according to a daily report from Al-Anba. As a result of this effort, two cars were impounded and 90 citations for moving infractions were issued. In addition to paint damage, license and insurance expiration, and disregarding the height restrictions, the Municipality also placed warning labels on eighteen abandoned cars. In order to protect everyone’s safety, GTD called on the public to strictly abide by traffic laws and confirmed that these efforts will continue. It also stated that it will not be lenient when it comes to prosecuting offenders.

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