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Recruitment of Domestic Workers Under the Revised fee Schedule Commences

According to Al-Anba daily, Muhammad Fahd Al-Zoubi, the acting general manager of Al-Durra Labor Recruitment Company, the implementation of contracts for the recruitment of domestic workers has begun based on the costs specified by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, including air tickets. Al-Zoubi stated in a statement to the daily that the company’s Board of Directors supported and guided this action, demonstrating that the choice was well thought out. He emphasized that the ministry is a governmental entity that sets reasonable rates by consulting and coordinating with other government organizations involved in labor recruiting, as well as basing decisions on technical research and bilateral agreements.

He emphasized that the primary and ultimate objective is to lessen the burden that residents face when trying to get domestic help, particularly because some have taken advantage of their need for domestic labor, driving up rates to startling levels, especially in the run-up to the holy month of Ramadan. He revealed that Al-Durra Company had changed the contracts to reflect the new ministry-set fees, which included the airfare. Al-Zoubi disputed a report from a non-governmental organization in Sri Lanka that claimed that if a domestic helper absconds, half of the recruitment fee will be reimbursed within six months.

He sees this as a clear sign that the report was released by a careless party and as a way to exert pressure on internal parties to increase the costs associated with hiring domestic help. He continued by saying that Al-Durra Company, which follows government plans, has made sure the new fees are reasonable in relation to hiring expenses.

He was taken aback by the fact that some individuals were comparing the most recent fees to those in other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations. After all, every market has its unique economic characteristics, price equilibrium, and work environment, and every nation has its own regulations governing this subject, so the company abides by all directives issued by the official State authorities. He clarified that the claim made by a nongovernmental organization that the cost of hiring domestic labor is KD600 and that the ministry’s fee is KD750 is a validation of a profit of KD150 for each recruitment contract. This is a reasonable and adequate profit for the recruitment office and does not impose a financial burden on the populace.

Inquiring as to what profit certain recruitment agency owners are hoping for, he continued, “demanding additional fees or leaving such an area open would lead to seeking excessive profit and exhausting the citizens by exploiting their need for domestic workers.” He went on, “At Al-Durra Labor Company, we think that hiring offices should work for the good of the public and our nation by uniting the world against any unwarranted price hike from overseas, collaborating with government organizations, and not inciting financial crises, particularly with the holy month of Ramadan rapidly approaching.”

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