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Rescue Police crackdown: 90 vehicles seized, 64 wanted persons apprehended

In a recent series of security and traffic campaigns, the Rescue Police have achieved significant milestones in maintaining public safety and enforcing law and order. According to weekly statistics released by the Ministry of Interior’s security media, these efforts have yielded substantial results. From April 13 to April 19, 2024, the Rescue Police conducted operations resulting in the seizure of 90 vehicles. Additionally, they apprehended 64 individuals who were wanted by authorities, either for their absence or due to existing arrest warrants.

Furthermore, 10 individuals were detained under abnormal circumstances, while 29 others were taken into custody for residency violations, and an additional 44 were detained for lacking proper documentation. All detainees have been referred to the appropriate authorities for further action.

The Rescue Police also intervened in public disturbances, successfully breaking up 12 fights, and provided urgent humanitarian aid to 286 emergency cases, underscoring their commitment to public welfare.

In terms of traffic enforcement, a total of 8,625 various traffic violations were recorded, including 177 instances of driving infractions. Notably, 10 vehicles were impounded for causing excessive noise disturbances and have been relocated to the impound garage.

The General Administration of Rescue Police remains dedicated to its mission of upholding safety and security across vital areas and thoroughfares nationwide. Through continued inspection campaigns, they strive to maintain public order and apprehend individuals sought by authorities.

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