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Results of the traffic campaign: 1,476 accidents and over 22,000 infractions

Numerous campaigns by the General Traffic Department have resulted in the issuance of 22,033 different traffic violations and the arrest of 26 minors who were operating their parents’ vehicles without a license. The guardians of these minors were called and referred to juvenile prosecution. According to the Al-Anba newspaper, 24 of the infringers were also arrested for serious offenses, such as driving with an expired license plate.

The General Traffic Department’s weekly statistics show that during the period of May 26 to May 31, 96 cars and 9 motorcycles were impounded for infractions like unlawful tinting. Additionally, eight missing vehicles, fifteen vehicles sought for civil or criminal execution, and seventeen wanted vehicles connected to cases of breach of trust or court orders were apprehended by traffic officers. During these operations, seven people were wanted in absentia, five people were arrested for drug possession, and one person was arrested for theft that was witnessed.

According to the data, there were 1,476 traffic accidents last week, 246 of which were serious incidents. The department’s actions demonstrate how dedicated it is to upholding traffic laws and preserving road safety.

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