Strict Procedures for Granting Foreign Bachelors Civil IDs

For single expatriates (Bachelors), the Public Authority for Civil Information has lately instituted more stringent procedures for the issuance or renewal of civil cards. This entails carefully reviewing rental agreements, including the owner’s signature. In order to verify correctness in the claimed location, the authority has also worked with a committee to solve the problem of single people living in residential and private areas. They have done this by cross-referencing their civil cards.

Official Public Authority for Civil Information spokesperson Khaled Al-Shammari stressed that bachelors are not allowed to be registered in private housing according to the authority’s address list. Systems and automated processes are in place to enforce this limitation.

Al-Shammari emphasized the authority’s active participation in a government committee that works to oppose and prohibit bachelors from living in traditional neighborhoods. After receiving complaints, the committee visits the location to confirm any infractions.

The Authority launched an expatriate data service in 2021, which is available via the networked government application (Sahel) and its website. Property owners can review expatriate data within their buildings with this service. Property owners can utilize the service to automatically file complaints and make the necessary changes to the data if any mistakes are found.

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