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The Kuwait Municipality will Launch a Computerized Portal to Track Infractions

The Director General of Kuwait Municipality, Engineer Saud Al-Dabbous, made the noteworthy announcement that this week would see the creation of the foundation for the electronic violations platform. He provided information about the goals, features, and implementation tactics of the platform.

Al-Dabbous, who was speaking only to Al-Rai, stressed that the electronic system would do away with the possibility of manipulating, changing, canceling, or hiding violations—a disadvantage that is frequently connected to paper-based systems. Al-Dabbous emphasized that Kuwait Municipality’s electronic system’s development is an essential step in discouraging infractions, especially in the area of violations, while also highlighting the worldwide trend of municipalities adopting continuous improvement.

The platform’s scope has been determined by presenting preliminary considerations. This will cover, among other things, offenses pertaining to building codes, unapproved festivals and weddings, encroachments on state property, abandoned autos, and general cleanliness. Coordination with the Ministry of Interior would subsequently be sought in order to enable a smooth merger between the two organizations, according to Al-Dabbous.

He also clarified a new strategy regarding cancellation orders and the prompt payment of infractions. Al-Dabbous stated that in order to complete the creative plan, the municipality is presently awaiting the conclusion of legal procedures.

The electronic violations platform represents a paradigm shift for Kuwait Municipality, bringing the organization into compliance with global best practices and reaffirming its dedication to an open and transparent governance framework. Stakeholders anticipate a more effective and reliable system this week as the vision takes shape for handling and resolving various kinds of breaches throughout the town.

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