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Ten charities permanently barred from receiving donations

During the first week of Ramadan, inspection and monitoring teams overseeing charitable activities, with the participation of 30 charitable societies, took action against violations. Ten cards held by charity representatives collecting donations were revoked for breaching laws and regulations, as reported by sources from the Ministry of Social Affairs to Al-Anba daily. These revoked cards will not be reinstated, and the holders are suspended from charitable work.

Furthermore, 35 donation kiosks across various governorates were removed, and over 20 cases of unauthorized donation collection were documented involving individuals and institutions. Necessary actions were taken against these cases, which were referred to the appropriate authorities for legal proceedings. Some unauthorized electronic advertisements were also identified on social media platforms, although most charitable organizations comply with regulations, with fewer violations compared to previous years.

The inspection teams promptly address charitable work violations, whether by organizations or individuals. They monitor social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook to identify unauthorized donation requests and take necessary measures against them and their owners. There are concerns about individuals exploiting Kuwaiti society’s generosity for personal gain, urging citizens and expatriates to donate to reputable entities to avoid misuse of funds and tarnishing Kuwaiti charitable work’s reputation.

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