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Numerous Kuwaiti WhatsApp accounts hacked using new, innovative method

Cybersecurity expert Muhammad Al-Rashidi, who heads the Cybersecurity Committee at the Kuwaiti Electronic Media Union, disclosed that numerous Kuwaiti WhatsApp accounts have fallen victim to a new and innovative hacking technique. According to reports from Al-Rai daily, Al-Rashidi explained that this hacking method unfolds in several steps.

He elaborated, ‘It begins with a message sent via WhatsApp from an unfamiliar number, claiming to have received a message from the targeted number. The recipient denies sending any such message, but the process may repeat multiple times with different numbers and identical content. This leads the account owner to suspect a malfunction.’

Al-Rashidi continued, ‘Approximately an hour later, the target receives a message from an account purporting to be WhatsApp technical support. The message alleges that the target’s account is sending unauthorized messages. Falling into the trap, the owner may cooperate. The imposter then requests a code sent by WhatsApp under the guise of preventing account suspension. Once the code is shared, the account is hacked immediately. Al-Rashidi emphasized the importance of not sharing this code with anyone.’

He stressed the necessity of promptly informing relevant authorities to prevent the account from being misused for illegal activities. Al-Rashidi also advised informing family and friends to prevent them from falling victim to fraudulent requests for money. He emphasized the importance of activating two-step verification and linking the account to an email address for easier recovery.

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