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The 79-year-old Kuwaiti Drug Dealer’s Criminal Court Trial has Begun

During a recent Criminal Court session chaired by Counselor Muhammad Al-Sanea, the 79-year-old drug dealer from Kuwait was charged with several offenses. Along with being charged with drug possession in the Al-Waha region, the accused was also accused of threatening security workers with a pistol and a weapon. In addition, he was accused of causing damage to the detective’s car in an attempt to avoid being apprehended at the crime scene, where a large amount of drugs and psychoactive substances were found.

The accused refuted every claim made against him in court, despite the serious allegations made against him. In order to defend himself, he also asked for the attendance of his attorney, who was noticeably missing from the meeting.

An important development in Kuwait’s fight against drug trafficking and other crimes is the trial. The gravity of drug-related acts and the significance of maintaining law and order in the nation are highlighted by the authorities’ persistent efforts to ensure justice is served in this case.

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