The Government Promises to Keep Prices Steady and Ensure there’s Enough food During Ramadan

Khaled Ali Al-Wataid, who supervises inspections in the Hawalli Governorate for the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, assured Al-Seyassah newspaper that the ministry is committed to checking prices and making sure there’s enough food in stores before Ramadan. He mentioned that they are increasing their checks on markets, shops, and cooperatives to meet people’s needs during Ramadan.

During an inspection in Hawalli Governorate, Al-Wataid mentioned that Ministry inspectors closed 25 stores in January and February this year but reopened 24. They also issued 139 reports and 11 notices for license violations since the year began.

Al-Wataid stressed the ministry’s efforts to monitor markets for Ramadan preparations. They visit markets, associations, and shops in areas like Hawalli, Al-Shaab, and Salmiya two to three times a week to check goods availability and prices.

He also mentioned consumer complaints, with around 16,941 complaints received last year and 4,633 from the beginning of this year until the end of February in Hawalli Governorate. Al-Wataid assured that consumers can reach the ministry through the Sahel application, WhatsApp (55135135), and hotline (135) for prompt resolution of complaints related to contract violations, financial issues, and procedural delays.

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