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The Kuwait Red Crescent Society has promised $500,000 to help with relief efforts in Afghanistan

In Doha, Qatar, the Kuwait Red Crescent Society pledged $500,000 to help Afghanistan. They made this generous donation during a meeting in Doha. Anwar Al-Hassawi, Vice Chairman of the Kuwait Red Crescent Society, announced the donation after attending a meeting with the Qatar Red Crescent Society. They discussed the urgent need to assist Afghanistan due to its severe humanitarian challenges in health, relief, and education.

During the meeting, Al-Hassawi talked with Mawlawi Muti’ al-Haq, head of the Afghan Red Crescent Society, about the pressing need for help. They discussed alarming statistics, including thousands of children with heart defects and millions of widows due to Afghanistan’s conflicts. They also talked about the millions of Afghan refugees from Iran and Pakistan, adding to the humanitarian crisis.

The meeting aimed to address Afghanistan’s evolving humanitarian situation and plan how to best deliver aid. Through this donation and teamwork, the Kuwait Red Crescent Society shows its ongoing commitment to helping vulnerable people and supporting global humanitarian efforts.

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