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The Municipality is Getting Ready for Kuwait’s National Holiday Celebrations

The Kuwait Municipality’s Public Relations Department has declared that it is working to get certain locations ready for a range of events and activities ahead of the February national holiday celebrations. Cleaning is being done on a daily basis to make sure that all governorates are ready for National Independence Day and Liberation Day celebrations.

Under the auspices of the General Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources, the city has designated six public parks—one in each governorate—for celebrations of noteworthy events. The public hygiene agencies of the municipality have been cleaning these parks with diligence, providing containers and flying the state flag at the major entry poles with pride.

The municipality’s field teams are dedicated to their daily cleaning schedules during the month of February. The Red Palace, the coastal strip, the official buildings of the governorates, the Al-Miyarkiya markets, and the city of Al-Ahmadi are all included in the inspection rounds that are carried out to make sure the celebration locations are clean.

The Kuwait Municipality remains committed to providing a clean and joyous atmosphere so that people can unite and commemorate the country’s achievements even as preparations get more intense.

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