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Via the “Ashal” Portal, a New “Part-time Work Permit” Service was Introduced

Through the “Ashal” platform, the Public Authority for Manpower has launched a new “Part-time Work Permit” service with the goals of improving the labor market, streamlining procedures for business owners, and utilizing Kuwait’s current workforce to address demographic imbalances. The national worker is exempt from the terms and costs related to the part-time work permit, according to the notification made by the “Manpower Forces.”

Employees must get permission from their employer in order to work part-time, and unless they are employed by a contracting company, their working hours cannot exceed four hours. Five dinars a month, ten dinars for three months, twenty dinars for six months, and thirty dinars for a year are the payments for a part-time work permit. The Authority underlined that promoting national employment is the goal of offering this service without restrictions. Registration for the permit is subject to the original employer’s permission and compliance with laws prohibiting anti-competitive behavior.

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