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Thunderstorms and sporadic rain are predicted for Kuwait today

According to the Meteorological Department’s forecast, there could be isolated showers and possibly thunderstorms from today, Wednesday, at noon until Thursday night. Speaking to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) on Tuesday, Director Abdulaziz Al-Qarawi stated that the rain is anticipated to occur in tandem with strong northerly to northeasterly winds, which could result in dusty conditions and decreased horizontal visibility in certain exposed areas. Rising waves at sea are also predicted.

According to Al-Qarawi, Kuwait is experiencing a weak upper-level atmospheric depression that is accompanied by an air mass that is humid and a surface depression extension. Low- and medium-sized clouds are likely to proliferate under these circumstances, strewn with cumulus clouds.

It is anticipated that the depression will weaken by late Thursday night, paving the way for the air high to advance farther. As a result, it is anticipated that the weather will steadily get less cloudy and less likely to rain. The weather is expected to be hot during the day and mild at night overall.

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