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Kuwait Municipality issues a warning and directs the temporary event tents to be taken down

The Kuwait Municipality has started to warn owners of temporary event tents, also called wedding halls, telling them to take down their buildings within a week. The director of the public relations department and official spokesperson for Kuwait Municipality, Muhammad Al-Mutairi, stressed the municipality’s strict adherence to the rules set forth in Decree-Law No. 105 of 1980 concerning state property, as amended by Decree-Law No. 8 of 1988, regarding the removal of these tents.

Al-Mutairi asserts that owners of wedding hall tents have a duty to take them down so that the area they occupy can return to its natural state. The goal of this action is to make it easier for the municipality to reorganize the land in accordance with new regulations. Al-Mutairi asked proprietors of wedding hall tents located on state property to immediately follow the instruction prior to the warning period ending. He underlined that if owners don’t comply within the allotted time, supervisory teams will take the appropriate action to remove the tents.

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