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Traffic Crackdown: Kuwait’s Latest Campaign Issued Over 6,000 Violations

The General Traffic Department in Kuwait, on behalf of the Traffic and Operations Sector, has issued 6,186 different traffic penalties in the previous two days as a result of their dedicated work. Nine people were referred to the Juvenile Prosecution, and 152 automobiles were impounded.

The sector made use of patrols throughout several governorates in order to carry out traffic campaigns, deal with offenders, and monitor violations. Six people were referred to the traffic police and nine to the juvenile prosecution as a result of these efforts. Notably, two people who were wanted by security were taken into custody.

As a result of the efforts, 152 cars that had been reported for various infractions were impounded. In all, 199 instances of bothersome vehicle exhaust were documented, and 12 vehicles that were desired were seized. In addition, throughout this time, there were 167,000 radar violations.

The General Traffic Department emphasizes the importance of its continuous commitment to traffic enforcement and its unyielding stance in enforcing the law. It emphasizes how vital it is to follow traffic laws in order to protect everyone who uses the roads.

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