Van Dijk says Liverpool has a “big job” to Replace Klopp

Van Dijk says Liverpool has a “big job” to replace Klopp.LONDON: When Jurgen Klopp leaves Liverpool at the end of the season, Virgil van Dijk acknowledges that the club has a “big job” ahead of it to replace the German. Van Dijk is adjusting to Klopp’s unexpected decision to step down after the current campaign concludes. The captain of the Reds does not think that Liverpool’s goals for this season will be impacted by uncertainty about their long-term future. They thrashed Norwich 5-2 in their FA Cup fourth-round match on Sunday, the first since Klopp’s shocking revelation.

However, he is aware that Liverpool needs to select Klopp’s replacement carefully. Van Dijk stated, “The club will have a big job on their hands; that much is known.” “There will be a lot of changes, including the manager and the entire staff being replaced.

“I’m interested to see which way that goes, but we’ll see how things stand when that’s announced.”My main focus is on the fact that I am still a part of the Jurgen Klopp era, so I don’t like to talk about it, but it will be the end of it. “Hopefully, we will achieve the success that we all aspire to, and by then, there will likely be greater clarity regarding the club’s future goals. Then, we’ll see.” Van Dijk responded, “That’s a big question,” when asked if he saw himself as a member of the next generation. I’m not sure.

On Klopp’s farewell tour, Liverpool will face tougher challenges when they play Arsenal the following weekend and Chelsea visits on Wednesday. The 32-year-old Dutch defender Van Dijk is adamant that Liverpool’s strategy won’t alter as the Premier League leaders pursue four championships. Really, not much has changed. At the end of the current season and in the next, things will undoubtedly change, so we must continue doing what we are doing,” he stated.

“It’s easier said than done but I sense the rest of the boys think like that as well and it is the job for me to ensure we keep it that way. “We are all human beings and we have emotions—some players feel different about the manager’s announcement than others. “That’s absolutely normal because everyone thinks in different ways but I didn’t notice the professionalism being dropped or the level of standard. “The training sessions I have seen in the last couple of days were not different than before.” – AFP


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