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Violators of Media Material will Face Harsh Consequences in Kuwait

The Ministry’s Al-Subaie established strict regulations on the distribution of media content in the State of Kuwait in a statement that was made public to the Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) on Tuesday. He states that media organizations are expressly prohibited from printing, transmitting, broadcasting, re-airing, emailing, or otherwise distributing any content that is in violation of the nation’s established media regulations.

Al-Subaie underlined that the Ministry actively supervises and monitors news and media content, and that it will report violators to the appropriate authorities. He explained that the nation’s other regulatory organizations handle matters pertaining to personal accounts under other legal frameworks, and that the Electronic Media Law only applies to accounts that exhibit professionalism.

In addition, Al-Subaie called on representatives of different media organizations to maintain truthfulness in their news coverage, cultivating relevant material that presents the nation in a dignified light. He urged collaboration in the development of media projects and the addressing of any unfavorable features of the media environment.

Al-Subaie, who emphasized the ministry’s commitment, stated a strong desire to develop cooperative partnerships with print, audio, visual, and electronic media in order to support and improve Kuwait’s media environment.

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