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Visa violations are decreasing in Kuwait

Immigration statistics from the Central Statistics Bureau indicate a significant decline in residency law violations in Kuwait. By the end of 2023, the number of violators stood at 121,019 expatriates, down from 133,440 in 2022. This decline reflects the state’s concerted efforts to address the issue.

Domestic workers (Article 20 visa holders) comprise half of the residency law violators, totaling 60,700 by the end of 2023. Other violators include Article 18 visa holders (28,080), Article 14 visa holders (25,270), and Article 22 visa holders (6,146), among others.

Non-Arab Asian nationalities make up the majority of residency violators, accounting for 71 percent (86,200), followed by Arab violators (18,030), non-Arab African nationalities (15,490), and others.

In 2023, 84,975 residency permits were issued for the first time, with the majority being Article 20 permits (30,490). Meanwhile, 57,060 residency permits were canceled, primarily Article 18 permits (23,500) and Article 22 permits (17,000).

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