“walli Governorate is on its way to becoming a model healthy city

Ali Al-Asfar, Governor of Hawalli and Acting Governor of the Capital, reaffirmed the dedication to turn Hawalli Governorate into a fully integrated, healthy city during the initial coordination meeting with members of the Healthy Cities Office. The goal of this initiative is to elevate the quality of life and combat chronic illnesses within the community, as reported by Al-Jarida daily. Governor Al-Asfar urged prompt completion of necessary tasks after officially registering Hawalli Governorate as a health governorate. He stressed that embracing healthy city concepts throughout Kuwait would foster health consciousness and encourage lifestyles conducive to well-being, thus positively impacting public health.

Governor Al-Asfar recognized the voluntary contributions of Kuwait-loving groups, attributing their efforts to the registration of 12 health zones in Hawalli and the capital governorates. He extended appreciation to the members of the Healthy Cities Committee for their pivotal role in facilitating the integration of these cities into the Healthy Cities Network. Dr. Amal Al-Yahya, head of the Healthy Cities Office at the Ministry of Health, emphasized the importance of expanding the number of healthy cities, affirming Kuwait’s commitment to individual well-being and community development.

Dr. Al-Yahya highlighted Kuwait’s adherence to global health standards and stressed the significance of engaging in international forums to advocate for the Healthy Cities Initiative, endorsed by the World Health Organization, aimed at enhancing quality of life and achieving health for all. The meeting discussed various topics related to establishing Hawalli Health Governorate, with a focus on collaboration with the Healthy Cities Office. Attendees included Adel Al-Aslawi, Director of the Hawalli Governor’s Office, and Secretary Tariq Abdul Rahim.

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