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With just 8 days left until the June 17 deadline for residency violators to rectify their status, the Ministry of Interior is intensifying efforts to assist violators in complying with regulations. Over the past two months, the Ministry has processed an average of 1,000 violators daily across six governorates, along with two additional centers in Mubarak Al-Kabeer and Al-Raqi, as reported by Al-Rai newspaper. Brigadier General Mazyad Al-Mutairi, Assistant Director General of the General Administration of Residency Affairs, highlighted that this amendment period, initiated by the First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense, and Minister of Interior, Sheikh Fahd Al-Yousef, is a humanitarian initiative. This three-month window, from March 17 to June 17, provides violators with a crucial opportunity to comply. After the deadline, a comprehensive security plan will be enforced to arrest violators and those who harbor them, implementing strict measures for their control and deportation. During a recent visit to the Residence Affairs Administration building in Al-Dajeej, Brigadier General Al-Mutairi discussed the measures in place to facilitate compliance. Six departments are operational in the morning, and two centers in Mubarak Al-Kabeer and Al-Raqi are open in the evening to handle status amendments and immediate departures. Violators without passports can obtain necessary documents from their embassies, which have cooperated in easing these procedures. As the deadline approaches, Brigadier General Al-Mutairi outlined post-deadline security plans. Extensive campaigns will be conducted across all governorates and businesses employing illegal workers. Violators will be detained, investigated, and deported, with lifelong bans from Kuwait and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries by security agreements. The Ministry emphasizes that violators pose a threat to national security and safety, often resorting to criminal activities. Violators have a unique opportunity to leave or adjust their status, exempt from fines, but must settle any outstanding debts to government agencies, companies, or individuals. This initiative aims to remove obstacles for violators, with designated centers operating in both morning and evening to facilitate the process. Currently, about 1,000 violators visit the centers daily, with numbers expected to increase as the deadline nears. The Ministry will remain operational during the upcoming Eid holiday to accommodate last-minute compliance. Brigadier General Al-Mutairi confirmed that there are no plans to extend the deadline beyond June 17. The current period has seen significant participation, predominantly by males of Asian and African descent. The streamlined process takes less than 10 minutes, underscoring the urgency and importance of compliance. This deadline is a crucial opportunity for violators to either adjust their status or leave Kuwait without facing legal repercussions. After the deadline, violators will face strict enforcement measures, including lifetime bans and deportation. The Ministry’s security teams, active in all governorates, will ensure strict law enforcement. Challenges have included a lack of databases for violators with children, raising security concerns. However, embassies have cooperated to issue travel documents, facilitating the departure of violators and their families. The Ministry urges all violators to seize this opportunity to rectify their status or leave the country promptly, ensuring compliance with Kuwaiti laws and safeguarding national security

Sharida Al-Maousherji, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs, announced the approval of 15,000 job opportunities for male and female job seekers registered in the central employment system. The decision is part of a comprehensive job needs plan tailored to applicants’ academic backgrounds and corresponding job titles.

In addition to the job initiatives, amendments to the rules and conditions of patient companion’s leave abroad were approved, extending it to a full year with full salary. This adjustment aims to accommodate the circumstances of the patient and their companion.

Furthermore, the establishment of the “Kuwait National Center for Disease Prevention and Control” was sanctioned, signifying a pivotal step in enhancing the public health system under the Ministry of Health’s auspices.

In related developments, sources confirmed that the Civil Service Commission requested the Ministry of Finance to create 2,202 financial grades for employees transferred from the Provincial Affairs Council. These include 2,180 general job grades and 22 assistant job grades.

Dr. Issam Al-Rubaian, the head of the bureau, urged the ministry to coordinate with 24 ministries and government agencies following the employees’ transfers. The objective is to ensure timely salary disbursements from the 1st of the month by the respective departments’ guidelines.

Employees from the governorate were transitioned to their new roles and given a two-week window to commence work, starting from the 2nd of the month until the 16th. The last official working day before the Eid al-Adha holiday will be on the 13th, with the subsequent three days designated as off days.

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