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Kuwait is the second tax haven in the world

According to a report by the expatriate insurance specialist William Russell Company, which is cited on the Zawya website, Kuwait this year came in second place worldwide on a list of 12 nations where citizens are not required to pay taxes. Kuwait’s score, according to Al-Rai daily, was 6.49 out of 10. According to the survey, Kuwait is the second-cheapest country after Brunei in terms of monthly expenses and public utility bills. It is also the fourth-cheapest country on the list for renting an apartment, with an average cost of approximately 775 US dollars per month. In Kuwait, the average net monthly pay is roughly $2,743.

As a tax-free sanctuary for foreigners, the UAE came in fourth place worldwide. The UAE does better than other nations that do not levy taxes, with an average monthly expense of roughly 3.59 thousand dirhams and an average net monthly salary of 13,015. On the list of the most affordable tax-free havens for foreigners, Oman came in first place due to its lowest monthly living expenses and third-place ranking for the least expensive country in terms of monthly utility bills, which come in at around 386 dirhams. Kuwait and Bahrain came in second and third.

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