Workers assault accountant over unpaid salaries

Fourteen workers were arrested following a confrontation with their financial officer in the heart of the capital city on Thursday. According to reports from Al-Anba, the incident occurred when a group of expatriate workers forcibly entered their workplace and attacked the financial official, causing injuries. Security personnel quickly intervened, controlling the situation and escorting the workers to the Salhiya police station. An official source stated that the Ministry of Interior received a distress call regarding the assault. Upon arriving at the scene, it was confirmed that approximately 14 workers had entered the company premises, targeting the accountant’s office. Their grievance appeared to stem from unpaid wages, leading to the violent outburst. The injured accountant was promptly taken to Al-Amiri Hospital, where medical assessments revealed neck bruises, a head injury, as well as scratches and bruises. Subsequently, the workers were detained and handed over to the relevant authorities for further investigation and legal action.

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