Buying and selling votes is forbidden (haram); Forgers are cautioned

Dr. Abdullah Al-Sharika, Director of the Center for Promoting Religious Moderation, emphasizes that electoral votes are not owned by individuals, and buying or selling them is prohibited. He underscores that voters are entrusted with choosing candidates for parliamentary representation, and selling votes amounts to bribery, which is condemned. Al-Sharika warns of the consequences for those involved, such as afflictions and diseases, urging them to uphold integrity over temporary gains. He condemns the practice of offering gifts to voters during electoral campaigns, stating it is equally forbidden. Al-Sharika urges caution in sharing unverified news that may harm reputations. He criticizes candidates for incorrectly citing Quranic verses in speeches. Regarding forgery of passports and certificates, he offers advice to perpetrators, warning of grave consequences in the afterlife. Al-Sharika asserts that officials involved in forgery are complicit in the crime and will face repercussions unless they repent.

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