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Colorful Ramadan tradition

Girgian, also known as the ‘Eid of the Children,’ is an annual celebration during Ramadan. It involves groups of children wearing costumes and singing songs as they visit homes to request Girgian goodies, as reported by Al-Rai daily. This tradition, rooted in ancient customs, has evolved over the years. Nowadays, there’s advanced preparation of clothes and costumes, along with a variety of sweets offered to children. However, this evolution has led to criticisms regarding its lack of simplicity and spontaneity.

Recent incidents, like a gathering in Yarmouk, prompted the Ministry of Interior to regulate entry to the area during Girgian celebrations, limiting it to residents. Despite criticisms, the tradition remains cherished, with groups of young people moving between homes, singing songs, and requesting goodies from neighbors in authentic costumes. This preserves the tradition from extinction, even amidst modern developments.

However, there have been changes in how Girgian is celebrated. It now takes place in commercial complexes and markets, with some composing new songs to keep pace with the times. Cooperative societies and public benefit organizations also organize Girgian events for residents in their areas.

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