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Election day is Probably April 13

While residents await the release of an order governing the election process, the local political scene is a flurry of speculation regarding the timing of the 2024 National Assembly election. Rejecting rumors that the election will take place on April 16, former member of parliament and professor of constitutional law Hesham Al-Saleh stated that this is not feasible because it takes place later than the two-month grace period allowed by Article 107 of the Constitution. “Since the election falls on a Saturday, April 13 will probably be held, given that the dissolution decree was issued on February 15,” he clarified. He made the argument that February with 28 or 29 days makes no difference because the Constitution’s Article 107 stipulates a two-month grace period rather than a sixty-day one.

It is yet too early to tell if the next election will be held in accordance with the newly enacted legislation, the voided version that will be brought back to life by a decree of necessity, or in accordance with additional rules that will be contained in the decree. This decree may decide to keep the current five-member system or expand it to ten, which would include every state in the union. Relevantly, Fehaid Al-Muwaizri, a member of the Municipal Council, declared his desire to run for office in the Fourth Constituency in the upcoming election.

However, former MP Shuaib Al-Muwaizri stated on his “X” account that those in positions of power are encouraging others to act against the Constitution in order to further their own agendas and subvert the will of the people. He stated that they wish to install a senate or consultative council in place of the National Assembly. Then he quoted Article Six of the Constitution, which states that because Kuwait has a democratic political system, the nation is the source of all authority and that sovereignty is exercised in accordance with the Constitution. He anticipates that the government will be accountable for upholding the Constitution and ensuring that there are no infractions of the Election Decree that could cause a delay in the voting process or lead to the nullification or dissolution of the upcoming legislature.

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