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Pakistan Celebrates 60 Years of Relations with Kuwait with a Postage Stamp

February 21, ISLAMABAD (KUNA): In honor of the 60th anniversary of the establishing of diplomatic relations between Pakistan and the State of Kuwait here in Islamabad, Pakistan released a postage stamp on Tuesday. At the Pakistan Foreign Office in Islamabad, Muhammad Syrus Sajjad Qazi, Pakistan’s Foreign Secretary, and Nassar Abdulrahman J. Almutairi, the ambassador of the State of Kuwait to Pakistan, jointly unveiled the stamp. In celebration of the 60 years of friendship between the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the State of Kuwait, the ambassador from Kuwait expressed her immense pride and happiness on the occasion. The friendship represents the strong bonds of cordiality, mutual respect, and shared values that have always nourished our relationship.

He mentioned that this event falls on the magnificent 63rd Independence Day and 33rd Liberation Day celebrations of the State of Kuwait. These are days that are dear to the hearts of Kuwaitis, who pray to Allah Almighty to protect their wise leadership and to preserve security, stability, and peace in their nation. The delegate from Kuwait reminisced about the momentous day of 1963 when the two friendly nations formally established diplomatic ties. Since their establishment, the State of Kuwait and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan have seen understanding and agreement on the majority of regional and global concerns, promoting stability and peace, according to the ambassador.

He added that robust energy cooperation and a shared commitment to economic diversification are the main drivers of the flourishing bilateral trade, saying that our economic landscape reflects the vibrancy of our alliance. The Ambassador emphasized that fields with enormous potential included agriculture and live stock, technology, renewable energy, and mining. But beyond official commitments is when our relationship really shines. Our people hold it close to their hearts and thoughts. The envoy remarked, “The kindness and generosity shown by Pakistanis to Kuwaitis, and vice versa, is legendary. He claimed that during wealth and hardship, the two nations supported one another. A significant milestone
As we commemorate this milestone, he emphasized that we shouldn’t sit back and should instead build on our accomplishments by looking at new investment opportunities and encouraging joint ventures. He said, “Today, we celebrate NOT just sixty years of friendship, but also the promise of an even stronger future together.” Pakistan’s Foreign Secretary stated that the stamp honors their country’s 60 years of brotherhood. It also represents the desire and commitment on both sides to deepen the fraternal ties that have grown stronger over time between the two nations. The connections between Kuwait and Pakistan have solidified and strengthened over time. Successful efforts between Pakistan and Kuwait in banking, energy exploration, and The Foreign Secretary stated, “We have also established institutional mechanisms of cooperation, such as Joint Ministerial Commission (JMC) and Bilateral Political Consultations (BPC), to promote and expand our ties in diverse fields, while cooperating with each other at various international and regional fora.” He stated that our two nations have steadfastly supported one another throughout difficult times as well as happy times, and they look forward to increasing their cooperation in fields including food security, IT & engineering, construction, and medicine. The stamp’s issuance today marks a celebration of brotherhood, collaboration, and friendship. “Long live relations between Pakistan and Kuwait,” he said.


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