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“Entry to Kuwait without a visit visa is only permitted by authorized airlines”

The Residence Affairs Department has produced a pamphlet detailing the materials required for acceptance of family visit visas in response to expats submitting incomplete applications. These consist of the sponsor’s signed request, contact details, trip itinerary, copies of a valid passport, the sponsor’s civil ID, residence verification, and proof of the sponsor’s place of employment.

Furthermore, certified kinship certifications signed by Kuwaiti embassies and foreign ministries are needed. The ministry is not going to stop providing visit visas in two months, despite speculations to the contrary. Visas of all kinds are still being issued. Furthermore, it has been stated that passengers can only enter the nation through Kuwait Airways or Jazeera Airways for “family visits,” according to sources cited by the Directorate-General of Civil Aviation. “The violating passengers will be returned to where they came from,” according to sources who spoke with Al-Seyassah.

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