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Job seekers surge: 13,000 citizens searching for employment

The Civil Service Commission has seen a significant increase in the number of citizens awaiting nomination and appointment, jumping from around 3,000 two years ago to over 13,000 currently, according to recent statistics from Al-Rai.

This sharp rise highlights a growing disparity compared to previous years, pointing to challenges faced by the Service Commission in matching job seekers with openings in ministries and government agencies.

Sources within the Service Commission, speaking to Al-Rai, revealed that previous citizen employment policies had successfully reduced registration numbers to about 3,000. However, the current situation presents a starkly different scenario, with registrations surging past 13,000. Among those seeking employment, the data shows a diverse range of candidates. Notably, there are 6,168 individuals with university degrees, 111 with master’s degrees, and 3 with doctorates. Additionally, there are 2,389 diploma holders, 863 with secondary certificates, 1,341 with intermediate certificates, and 1,133 with primary school certificates.

The sources stressed the urgent need to address the root causes behind this surge in registrations. They emphasized the importance of collaboration among relevant authorities to tackle the issue before it worsens, especially considering the yearly influx of graduates awaiting job opportunities through the Bureau’s appointment process.

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