Kuwait Advances Towards India’s Professional Engineering Accreditation

Faisal Al-Atl, the president of the Society of Engineers, has announced plans to introduce a specialized digital platform targeted at hiring engineers with a range of nationalities. Upon arrival in the nation, candidates will undergo examinations and accreditation procedures to confirm that their experiences and qualifications meet the requirements of the profession. This platform will guarantee this. In front of several association members, Al-Atl made this announcement during a meeting with Dr. Adarsh Swaika, the Indian ambassador, as well as Manas Patel, the first secretary for labor affairs, and Anchita Kadhwas, the second secretary for consular affairs.

Through cooperation with the Indian Embassy, the Society hopes to end unaccredited engineering work in Kuwait. This initiative is a part of that effort. Al-Atl emphasized that the Society supported the global index known as the Washington Accord, as well as the NBA lists. He conveyed his appreciation for the collaboration with the embassy, which has significantly decreased the quantity of Indian community engineers who lack accreditation.

The Society was invited by the Indian Embassy to visit the Ministry of Higher Education in India in order to gain insight into the latest developments in the field of education as well as other accrediting organizations. Al-Atl conveyed confidence in the willingness of the Society’s Engineering Qualifications Evaluation and Accreditation Committee to collaborate and forge closer relationships.

In addition to praising the association’s current cooperation, Ambassador Swaika stated that in order to fulfill Kuwait’s professional accreditation requirements, the association must work with it on dozens of cases. Universities and accrediting agencies in India are ready to fulfill Kuwait’s accreditation requirements. The central Indian government received a list of accreditation foundation guidelines from Ambassador Suika along with a list of Indian community engineers who are willing to work with the association.

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