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Kuwait establishes guidelines for accepting donations in public institutions

Matrook Al-Mutairi, the Acting Assistant Undersecretary for Financial Affairs at the Ministry of Finance, has announced the guidelines for accepting and utilizing donations in public institutions like the Ministry of Education, as reported by Al-Anba daily. The daily obtained a copy of Al-Mutairi’s letter to the Ministry of Education undersecretary, outlining the following rules and regulations:

1. Donations and cash grants are accepted only through certified checks or automatic payments; other means are not accepted.
2. Approval from the Ministry of Finance is required after initial approval from the Minister of Education or their authorized representative, along with completion of required data and documents.
3. Donations should not be conditional in favor of the donor or others, nor should there be any direct or indirect interests or benefits for the donor from the Ministry of Education’s services.
4. Donations must not provide financial or in-kind benefits to Ministry of Education employees.
5. Soliciting cash or in-kind donations from contractors, private companies, or individuals is prohibited, except for public calls authorized by law.
6. The type of donation, methods of utilization, and responsible party must be agreed upon between the donor and the Ministry of Education.
7. Donations must be directed for their intended purpose, with the Ministry of Education having the right to redirect them with donor approval and Ministry of Finance consent.
8. Donors cannot manage or operate projects funded by their donations.
9. Received donations and gifts must be disclosed and recorded, with copies of relevant forms submitted to the Ministry of Finance annually.
10. Repeated and confirmed donations must be included in the ministry’s annual draft budget.
11. If the donor or a designated party implements a project, they must adhere to technical specifications and terms of reference provided by the Ministry of Education.
12. Supporting documents for donors and project implementers must meet Ministry of Finance requirements.
13. In-kind donations are subject to regulations issued by the Ministry of Finance’s Public Storage Affairs and Purchasing Systems Sector.
14. Ownership of in-kind donations becomes state property upon acceptance, following legal procedures.
15. Donations for construction projects are subject to specific guidelines.
16. Details of existing donation bank accounts must be provided to the Ministry of Finance.
17. Donor confidentiality must be maintained.
18. Donors receive a letter and certificate acknowledging their contribution.

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