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Kuwait is contemplating tying new work permits for expatriates to access to health facilities

Sources from Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior’s residency sector reveal that an advisory committee has proposed linking the expansion of work permits for foreign workers with the establishment of health insurance hospitals and dispensaries for expatriates. The committee evaluated a report from the company responsible for constructing and operating these facilities, which indicated the completion of three hospitals and twenty dispensaries. Efforts are ongoing to operationalize them and provide necessary medical staff in coordination with the Ministry of Health. However, no definitive timeline has been set for completion.

The committee emphasized the need to synchronize the expansion of the labor market with the availability of adequate health facilities for expatriate workers to avoid increased pressure on government healthcare facilities. Additionally, the committee is monitoring reports on residency sector violators expected to regularize their status or leave the country within the grace period ending on June 17.

Security estimates suggest there are currently 120,000 to 140,000 violators from various nationalities, underscoring the urgency of addressing these issues.

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