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Kuwait’s Interior and Defense Ministries allow personnel to take leave for Eid

The Kuwait Interior Ministry has announced the release of policemen for the upcoming Eid occasion. Similarly, the Ministry of Defense has declared the release of military personnel who were held for disciplinary cases, following directives from Minister Sheikh Fahad Yusuf and Army Chief of Staff, Air Marshal Bandar Al-Mazyan. A statement from the Ministry of Defense noted that the decision to release military personnel stemmed from Minister Sheikh Fahad Yusuf’s commitment to joining military personnel and their families in celebrating Eid joyfully. This gesture underscores the minister’s belief in fostering unity and solidarity among the armed forces during this festive period.

The release of both policemen and military personnel emphasizes the importance of celebrating Eid with loved ones and reflects the values of compassion and inclusivity within Kuwait’s security apparatus. These actions aim to ensure that individuals can fully participate in the Eid festivities, highlighting the spirit of camaraderie and familial bonds cherished during such cultural and religious occasions.

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