Rules for Family Visas: You Cannot Convert a Family or Dependant Visa into a Work Visa

The Ministry of Interior’s Residency Affairs Sector has made a noteworthy development. The final requirements for the inclusion of dependents have been made public by the General Administration of Residence Affairs, which is overseen by Major General Sheikh Salem Al-Nawaf. Residency departments in the six governorates have reportedly seen a substantial increase in transaction completions in the last few days, according to sources.

In response, Brigadier Ali Al-Adwani, the acting general director of residence affairs, along with directors and assistants from various departments, called a critical meeting. Explaining the recently created circumstances was the main item on the agenda for the meeting. Following the meeting’s conclusions, it was decided that only spouses and children could be included as dependents under Article 22 (Family / Dependent visa). In addition, the minimum salary required of the husband must be 800 dinars, and the oldest child who can be included must not be more than 14 years old.

Furthermore, the rules stress that it is completely forbidden to change the wife’s resident status to Article 18 (a work visa). A binding declaration from the sponsor pledging not to ask for the sponsored person’s residency to be converted may, however, make an exception. The conditions, which highlight the fundamental needs, stress that a university degree and its compatibility with economic opportunities in the nation are necessary requirements for issuing visas to spouses and children. By bringing clarity to the requirements and eligibility for dependents to accompany their husband in the nation, these modifications represent a major advancement in the administration of residence affairs.

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